Tier 2 General Shortage Occupation List

Whether you are a licensed employer looking into sponsoring a non EEA migrant worker, or a non EEA migrant worker looking for a job in the UK,  you are well advised to check whether the role you are considering is on the shortage occupation list before starting the immigration / visa process.
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If the role is on the shortage occupation list, the sponsor will be exempted from carry out the resident labour market test, which will make the entire process considerably shorter and less complicated.

The current government shortage occupation list can be found on the Home Office website.

The roles on the current list include:

-civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers in the oil and gas industry;

-electronics engineers in the railway, automotive manufacturing and design industry;

– design and development engineers in the electricity transmission and distribution industry, automotive design and manufacturing industry and electronic systems industry (i.e. Integrated Circuit Design Engineer or Integrated Circuit Test Engineer);

– chemical engineers;

– IT business analysts, architects, systems designers, programmers and software development professionals in 2D/3D computer animation for film, TV and video games;

– medical practitioner and nurses (specialising in neonatal intensive care units);

– secondary teacher in Match and Science;

– social workers working in children’s and family services; and

– skilled orchestral musicians.

The current shortage occupation list is available here.

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