Tier 2 sponsors

The_City_LondonIf you are a non EEA migrant worker looking to relocate to the UK to work under the Tier 2 immigration route, you will need consider the following:

– are the jobs or type of jobs you are seeking ¬†to take in the UK at NQV level 6 (i.e. are they sufficient skilled)? If not, the Tier 2 route is likely to be unsuitable. To find out whether a job is at the minimum level to qualify for Tier 2 visit the Home Office’s Codes of Practice page.

– is the organisation offering the role licensed as a Tier 2 sponsors? If not, they will have to register with the Home Office to sponsor you. As the process is lengthy and costly, most employers will be unwilling to do so, unless your contribution will be crucial to the success of their organisation. A list of Tier 2 sponsors can be found on the Home Office’s website.

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